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June 5th & 6th Update

By Sleepington - Posted Jun 6, 17

June 5th:

Sell Shop

The Sell Shop has been completely revamped. The shop offers only a few items to sell and expands as you level up. There will also be plenty of global shop boosters and ways to make more money off of the shop.

Every month, the 4 items in the corner will change. The first is free, the rest are unlocked when we reach certain community donation goals.


The new spawn has been officially opened for players! This also includes all the new feartures coming with spawn.

The Market

The new market offers a much simpler shopping experience. Right-click to buy, sneak to buy in bulk.

*Pic soon*

The Mall

The Mall offers a place for players to sell items in a high-populated area.

200 blocks $1,400 7 Days
105 blocks $735 7 Days

*Pic soon*

Event Area

The Event Area is where we will host drop parties, giveaways, and whatever other events we host.

*Pic soon*

Perk Items

Perk Items have been stabilized again. Now they should function perfectly. Vote for 5 points to spend on Perk Items:

Flying 15
God 100
Vanish 25
Sneak 15

AFK Timer

The AFK auto-kick has been removed, with the legalization of auto-farms. Enjoy taking advantage of this, because it won't stay forever. You can now, essentially, AFK on the server forever if you so wanted.

June 6th:

Resource World

There is finally a vanilla world for people to collect resources or build in. This world will be reset once a year, so keep that in mind when building!

/warp Wild


If you haven't seen already, the website is undergoing many changes. We aren't nearly done, but the website will be undergoing a lot of change!


The Webstore is now accessible from Donate to support us and help us grow!


We finally re-released the LeaderBoards. The area is temporary, we will be editing it to make it look a lot nicer.