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Egg-Head Update

By Jereth - Posted Aug 3, 17

This update brings Mob Eggs and A ton of new Mob Heads to IgnisCraft.

First the heads. All mobs (except the Wither) have a chance to drop their head. Farmable and Breedable mobs have a lower chance than mobs you can only meet by chance. There is also a chance for more decortive heads to drop from mobs. This means, if you're lucky, you can get rare special heads!

Mob Eggs are now back on Version 3. There are currently 2 ways to obtain them with more ways to come. For now you can catch them with an egg, but it also comes with the cost of 10 emeralds. The cost is to prevent large quantities of mobs being captured. At the moment you must be at least Citizen rank to catch them and these are the mobs available to be caught:
Bat, Blaze, Cavespider, Chicken, Cow, Creeper, Donkey, Endermite, Guardian, Horse, Husk, Llama, Mule, MooShroom, Ocelot, Parrot, Pig, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Sheep, Silverfish, Skeleton Horse, Skeleton, Spider, Stray, Wolf, Zombie, Zombie Horse, and Zombie Villager
In the future these will be split up into other ranks or unlocked through other means.

The second way to get Mob Eggs is to simply kill mobs. Pretty much every mob (those listed above) will drop eggs between 1 and 10 percent of the time depending on how rare they are.

More changes to come with these new features including shops and more custom drops out of mobs.