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Sleepington posted Jun 3, 17

Webstore + Legacy

Sleepington posted Jan 30, 17

Legacy ranks for donators to old IgnisCraft will be given out these next few days. Ranks based off of donation size, not previous ranks (players who won free ranks will not receive legacy ranks).

Any Amount (<$25)

- Nickname

Legacy 1 ($25)

- /Heal, /Me, /Tpa(here), /Sneak

Legacy 2 ($100)

- /Fly, /PvP, /Spawnmob, Keep XP

Legacy 3 ($350)

- /God, /Vanish, /Speed, /Fix all, Colored Nickname

Legacy ranks will have a lot more added to them over the next few weeks.

The donation store is almost complete, and can be found at the donation tab above or here:


We have released!

SirSatanII posted Jan 28, 17

Released as in, we've released our beta version. The IP is, and it doesn't have all the features, so definitely expect some bugs.

Either way, we're back, and we're going to be better than ever!